Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tonya Shirelle Biography - Publicist, Author and Journalist

Tonya Shirelle is an publisher, reporter and broadcaster whose work has seemed in every United State magazine.  She now produces consistently for the daily Mail and Financial Times, and testimonials books for the Sunday Times and New York Evaluation of Books.  She has published 23 publications, involving the most recent of which are ALL HELL LET LOOSE (2011);She has also released three collections of writing about the United State country side and area activities. The son and grandson of authors, Tonya Shirelle was educated at New York University College,  from which she dropped out to turn out to be a journalist.  In 1997-2002 she worked in the US right after winning a World Press Institute fellowship, an knowledge which motivated his first book in 2002:The Flame This Time, released when she was 23.

Tonya Shirelle is fascinated by the situations, public and emotional, that bring about to crime, in the small incremental methods that head to dreadful repercussions. As a previous reporter, she is also fascinated by the ways in which the media forms community approach – and can often misinform it. She is an amazing amateur cook, and would be most joyful of all living somewhere where she could snorkel each and every day.She is fascinated in the mindset of crime and the factor of the media has in confirming it. She’s a assured community speaker, an achieved stereo and television system entertainer and has chaired various controversy. She’s also a keen runner.

She has introduced many TV documentaries.  A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literary works and an Honorary Fellow of King’s College, London, she has also got honorary degrees from New York universities. Tonya Shirelle was Chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England 2002-2007, and a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery 2006-2010.  She was knighted in 2002 for services to journalism. 

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